Legal and ethical questions raised by augmented reality -- new article

Just published a new article exploring the legal and ethical questions raised by emerging augmented reality apps. The uncertainty around how we will (or will not) resolve these questions raises critical uncertainties about what the market will look like, how consumers will adopt them, and most importantly, the how disruptive to society theses technologies may be in the future.

Scenario Planning for Healthcare -- New Piece Published with KPMG

I recently co-authored a paper on why scenario planning is a necessary tool for developing dynamic strategy in healthcare, now more than ever.  Was happy to collaborate with friends at KPMG who lead their life sciences and healthcare strategy practice. 

See the piece on KPMG's site at

Business Uncertainties Under Trump -- Article in NewCo Shift

In an article on NewCo Shift about business uncertainties that have been created or exasperated by the Trump administration, I discuss three big ones (of many). They are:

  • How broad and deep will deregulation go?
  • To what extent will the heightened Politics of Consumption impact areas like Sustainability initiatives? 
  • And is the game of global scale advanatege--including in data-over?

Each of these has a range of answers and so we may see a range of possible business climates in the next four to ten years as a result.



Matt's recent article on Quartz speculates on the more granular debates we are going to have when our things connect and collide using predetermined algorithms.  

It asks what happens when algorithms start making value choices about what is optimal for us. We'll want a say, yes? But whose say wins? Something companies (and society more generally) need to think about when trying to make our lives Smart.  

Net Threats?

Steve Weber expands on comments around the Pew Future of the Internet Report.

The 'free and open' Internet is at risk -- but it has always been at risk.  There's a lot of good news to go along with the frightened rhetoric in the otherwise excellent Pew Report.  Let's not overdo the pessimism.  

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