Matt Ranen

Much of Matt's expertise comes from nine years as a leader at Global Business Network (GBN), the pioneering scenario consultancy that helped elevate the field of scenario planning worldwide. At GBN, and its parent firm, Monitor Group, Matt designed and led customized client engagements across a range of industries, globally, and served as an instructor in the methodology for both public and private courses. While at GBN, he developed new elements of the scenario methodology to connect it to strategy, innovation and risk management decision tools.

Matt complements this with over eleven years of work in product management and new product development at a variety of technology and media companies--including start ups--where he helped define and launch new-to-the-world products and services. His industry experience provides a practical foundation for connecting the broad issues explored in scenario work to tangible client decisions and solutions.

Matt received an MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management and a B.A. in applied math from Harvard University.

He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and works globally.

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Steve Weber

Steve is a Professor in the Political Science Department and in the The School of Information at UC Berkeley. He works at the intersection of technology markets, intellectual property regimes, and international political economy.  A professor since 1990, Steve was one of the early leaders at GBN and helped to establish scenario planning as a core methodology in business, government, and non-profit sectors.  He was later a Senior Advisor at Monitor Group where he focused on developing growth strategies for C-suite executives in knowledge intensive industries and competitiveness strategies for both emerging and developed countries.  As Senior Political Advisor at the Glover Park Group, he developed communications and negotiation strategies for firms and industry associations whose markets meet regulatory, public relations, and foreign direct investment concerns.  

Steve went to both medical school and graduate school in political science at Stanford.  He was a post-doc at Harvard and served as Special Political Consultant to the President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.  He is best known for his research that explains how Open Source software communities work, and for his contributions to academic and public debates about the economics of globalization and foreign policy.  His academic work provides a forward-looking foundation for practical insights about macroeconomic shifts that influence the ideological, social, political, and organizational alignments that, in turn, shape today’s and tomorrow’s markets.